How Automation in the Workplace Can Help Every Type of Business

Automation in the workplace is when computers perform the types of tasks that would normally require human intervention, thus freeing up the valuable time of living, breathing employees so that they can focus on those matters that truly need them. These days, modern-day automation systems leverage artificial[...]

The 6 Consequences of Not having a Managed Print Services Program

How Long Does It Actually Take to Find a Document?

Let’s track the timeline of responses over the last twenty years…2001IDC reports that workers who manage, create, or edit documents for a company were spending up to 2.5 hours per day searching for what they needed.2003IDC published Moving Beyond Search: Advanced Data Gathering in the Enterprise, which includes the[...]

Why You Should be Performing an Annual Audit on Your Print Environment

Corporate printing costs can get expensive. These costs can amount to as much as 3% of annual revenue (some estimates even go  as high as 12% ). It’s important to keep those costs in check.  And with print security becoming  an increasingly urgent priority for enterprise organizations , keeping tabs on what’s[...]

HR Process Automation with Function4

How to Reduce Careless Employee Printing

While I don’t want to get down on employees (after all, I’m an employee myself), it’s no secret that their printing habits can be kind of, well, careless. The average worker prints about 34 pages a day, yet 17% of those pages go unused. Close to two-thirds of the documents they do print are thrown away or recycled[...]

Printing for Businesses with Multiple Locations

Print servers are the go-to choice when it comes to a corporate printing infrastructure .

What Causes Slow Network Printing?

When your network printer is slow to respond, you might find yourself wondering what causes slow network printing . This is a common scenario. Here are a few established workarounds for slow network printing.

What is a Document Management System? And Why is it Useful?

What is a Document Management System (DMS)?

What is a document management system? Put simply, a document management system is an automated business software solution used to organize, secure, store, capture, digitize, and tag business files.

How to drastically reduce printer-related service desk calls

You can probably imagine how eliminating print servers also helps to end single points of failure.

This means increased printer availability and more printer uptime at your organization. A welcome bonus? Fewer calls to the service desk.

That said, most printer-related service requests aren’t complaints about a[...]