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Cloud Solutions: Cloud Backup vs. Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Synching

Businesses that are still relying on old-school methods such as on-site servers for file storage and an on-premises legacy phone system for communications are taking a risk. Without the flexibility and efficiency of the Cloud, you’ll be choking on the dust of your competitors – if you aren’t already.

The Cloud[...]

Switch to Cloud-Based Phone Systems and Reap These Benefits

Every business understands the importance of communication. While there are many channels in which to do this, phone systems are still the most vital. Upgrading to cloud-based phone systems can provide your company with substantial benefits. It’s time to ditch your legacy phone system and gain substantial[...]

What Is Cloud Communications?

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any company’s operations. Often, communication tools are not fully integrated, creating challenges for your team. By leveraging cloud communications, you can assure greater mobility and accessibility. In this post, we’ll be discussing what cloud communications[...]

Unified Communications for Small Business: 6 Features to Seek Out

On-Premise vs. Cloud : Which Phone System is Best for Your Business?

On-Premise Phone Systems vs. Cloud Phone Systems: Which is Best Suited for Your Business?