Gain Affordable Access to Expertise With Managed IT Services

business people IT servicesHave you considered outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure to a managed IT services partner? Small and medium-sized businesses are among a growing group of organizations recognizing the value provided by partnerships with advanced managed IT services providers. 

3 Compelling Reasons to Outsource IT Management

  1. Full protection —To be fully protected, you need a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that's ready for your current needs, scalable to meet your future requirements, and adaptable as both emerging threats and technology evolve. Your company may not be equipped to meet these requirements in-house, but that doesn't exclude you from accessing them. A managed IT services provider prioritizes infrastructure, giving you the benefit of their complex systems without the financial burden. Since their costs are spread among many managed IT services clients, each small business or organization reaps the benefit of an extensive infrastructure without any single one bearing the full expense. 
  2. Specialization —To ensure network stability, you'll need access to specialized IT services that your team may not have. A managed IT services partnership puts specialized expertise within your reach, giving you further protections as technology shifts and your business needs grow.
  3. Lower costs —We've mentioned costs in point #1, but the subject bears further discussion. To manage your infrastructure and network internally, you may be forced to divert funds that should be used for core business objectives. A managed IT services partnership means you'll have full service with the benefit of a predictable monthly cost. When compared to the cost of break-fix solutions or the impact of data loss due to a security breach, the cost for managed IT services is much more affordable.

Is your network fully protected? Is it time to get back to the business of growing your company by putting your infrastructure in the hands of experts? To learn more, contact us at Function4 for a security audit today!