Managed IT Services—a Financial Win for SMBs

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Not sure whether you should handle your IT responsibilities in-house or outsource them to a managed IT services provider? Tech researchers like IDC have run the numbers for you, and the managed approach is the clear winner. 

Here's a look at four financial benefits of switching to managed IT services

  1. More Value from Your Employees: Your technology solutions shouldn't be a stumbling block to productivity. When a project leader has to contend with an IT issue instead of the task at hand, your business suffers. Implementing a managed IT services solutions means less downtime, fewer end-user pain points, and employees with more time to do their jobs. 
  2. Lower Infrastructure Costs: A robust IT infrastructure doesn't come cheap. On-site solutions require a substantial hardware investment along with ongoing energy costs and physical space requirements. By eliminating the costs associated with infrastructure and shifting them to a managed IT services provider, you'll have more opportunities to direct revenue towards improving your business. 
  3. Budget Consistency: Are you worried about the amount of revenue you're spending to manage your company's IT environment? For many organizations, the solution to erratic IT costs is the budget predictability provided by a managed IT services agreement. For a consistent and surprisingly small monthly fee, your company can enjoy access to top-tier IT experts and infrastructure, freeing up capital to invest in your business.
  4. Access to Experts: Hiring an IT expert on an as-needed basis is a cost most SMB leaders would rather avoid. With a managed IT services approach, your company has access to certified, experienced, and industry-trained IT technicians and engineers as a part of your monthly agreement. And with their expertise and single-source IT solutions always available, you won't need to wait to address your critical IT issues. 

The Managed IT Services approach is the clear winner for your organization. Contact us at Function4 to learn more today!