6 Realistic Time Management Tips for Remote Workers

You’re working on your monthly sales target report when your youngest barges into your bedroom, screaming her lungs out because the brother just took her toy. Now you have to pause working and solve the sibling rivalry. Or, you’re busy working on that urgent report, you hear your favorite song playing, so you put[...]

8 Best-in-Class Accounts Receivable Management Strategies

What used to be considered a back-office function has transformed into one of every organization’s largest assets: accounts receivable. Why? Because it deals with one very important asset that doesn’t appear on the balance sheet — customers.
In order to capitalize on the assets of AR, organizations need[...]

It’s the Last Mile That Counts: Valuing Customer Experience When Selecting a Solution Provider

Businesses know that customer experience (CX) is quickly becoming the key differentiator among brands. In fact, according to Gartner, when it comes to making a purchase, 65% of people find customer experience more important than price. So when a business is in the market for an AI-driven automation solution for its[...]

Five Tips to Help Embrace New Technology in the Office

We all know that change is hard, but we are all forced to accept change during this time. Every employee from Executive levels to Sales representatives must adapt to change with how we continue with our everyday jobs. Technology has helped businesses to adapt to these challenges we are all facing and has helped[...]

As Covid Fuels P2P & O2C Digital Transformation, Esker is Perceived as a Unicorn

There’s a big focus on digital transformation across the entire enterprise. In fact, Information Age calls out that 47% of CIO’s are seeing an increase in the pace of transformation.

6 Steps to Implement Digital Transformation in your Organization


How the Copier has Transitioned from a Commodity to a Vital Information Management Tool

When I started in this industry, most copiers were still using liquid toner and premix. You could always tell who had utilized these devices by the stains on the carpet in front of them. Once copiers transitioned over to dry ink, people were delighted. At least until the secretary had to dump the waste toner from[...]

7 Ways to Better Manage Cash with AP Automation