Cybersecurity Trends to Know in 2020 & How to Protect Your Business

Organizations today face an ever-increasing number of cyber threats. The rapid growth of criminal software development, coupled with the cybersecurity skills shortage, has also contributed to the rise in cyber-attacks. 

Is Your Business Prepared for Emerging IT Security Threats?

IT security issues are on every business leader's mind, or they should be. For every high profile cyberattack, there are thousands more that never make the headlines. Where does your company stand?

AI Attacks May Be Your Organization's Next IT Security Concern

Mass-scale AI-driven cyberattacks could be headed your way soon. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already effectively deployed as a way to detect malware and combat spam, so it stands to reason that AI will soon be a favored tool for hackers.

5 Reasons to Shift Your IT Responsibilities to a Professional

Should you outsource some or all of your IT responsibilities to a trusted provider? For many small and mid-sized companies, outsourcing to a managed services provider is an excellent way to access benefits not ordinarily available for smaller organizations. 

Professional IT Security Services—Your Most Affordable Choice

Should you keep a technician on staff or outsource to a professional IT security company? For many companies, the latter is the most cost-effective choice. Here's a look at how an IT security company can provide you with 24-hour protection at a cost that's less than an internal solution.

Protecting Your Company From Social Engineering Attacks


The High Cost of an Inadequate IT Security Strategy

How much will it cost your company to recover following a data breach? New research from the Ponemon Institute and IBM paints a sobering picture, with costs increasing by 1.8% in 2017. And here in the U.S., businesses can expect to pay even more than other countries to respond to a data breach.

Increase Your Peace of Mind with IT Security Services

Owning and operating a business can be all-consuming, with little time left over for distractions; an IT security solution that isn't performing is a distraction you can live without. Allowing someone to manage your system for you may be a perfect solution if you're plagued by IT security vulnerabilities. Here are[...]

The IT Security Threat Right Under Your Nose

With security breaches continuously on the rise, SMBs have been unable to escape the fallout. In fact, more than 60% of small businesses were the victim of some form of cybercrime in 2017. Since you would rather be in the 40% of companies who didn't fall victim, read on to find out what you can do to improve your [...]