3 Reasons To Consider a Managed Print Services Program

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Business Class Inkjet

In previous blogs, we touched on new developments in Inkjet technology from a high-level macro perspective. Now that business class inkjet has had some time to carve out its niche, we felt it necessary to dive into it a little more precisely. (We will be ignoring desktop and industrial inkjet units in this blog) We[...]

The Less-Touch Office: Working in the Era of COVID-19


Four Steps to replace Google Cloud Print

Google Air Print is officially going away on December 21st, which will cause a problem for many organizations' print environment. Google has reported that organizations will have two options: direct IP printing from Chromebooks or an alternative print solution. Here are four steps to take to replace Google Air[...]

How to Select a Technology Partner

In today’s increasingly evolving print/imaging technology industry, it is of the utmost importance to know what to look for, avoid, and what questions to ask when selecting your next technology partner.

Why Choose an Office Hardware Dealer versus a Manufacturer


How the Copier has Transitioned from a Commodity to a Vital Information Management Tool

When I started in this industry, most copiers were still using liquid toner and premix. You could always tell who had utilized these devices by the stains on the carpet in front of them. Once copiers transitioned over to dry ink, people were delighted. At least until the secretary had to dump the waste toner from[...]