Customer Support Response Times

A successful business usually has an outstanding customer service department. Nothing can make or break a company faster than customer service. Your ability and response time to resolve an issue can mean keeping your customer happy and a client for many years or losing them to your competitors. Customers want to[...]

Five Key Trends for the Display Industry during the New Normal

The display industry was already going through considerable changes when COVID-19 hit. Now, the pandemic has accelerated that innovation. The following are five key trends based on our new environment that companies in the display space should keep in mind: 
  1. Mobility. A remote workforce means assuring anywhere,[...]

Five Tips to Help Embrace New Technology in the Office

We all know that change is hard, but we are all forced to accept change during this time. Every employee from Executive levels to Sales representatives must adapt to change with how we continue with our everyday jobs. Technology has helped businesses to adapt to these challenges we are all facing and has helped[...]

How to Use Approved Group Purchasing Contracts to Make Purchases

When organizations face making purchases, they first must consider what process they need to follow. Some organizations even go as far as creating a policy requiring at least three bids. The main reason is to ensure you are getting the best price for the desired product or service. The good news is there are[...]