7 Reasons to Hang Up Legacy Phone Systems

Did you know your legacy phone system could be costing you business and eating away at profits? No matter what type of business you run, communication is critical. Voice calling is instrumental in customer service, new sales, and collaboration. However, if you’re still using an aging phone system, you could be[...]

Your Phone is Now Your Front Door

For many companies, in as little a few days, business models shifted from tried and true operations to everything happening over the phone.  We are all in uncharted ground, where distancing has become the prime directive and in-person interactions are by necessity curtailed.  Phone call volume has soared to[...]

How Can UCaaS Enable Greater Employee Mobility?

The idea of flexible work has become a competitive advantage in business. This flexibility facilitates employee mobility, supported by technology. Now, it’s likely that most of your workforce must be mobile. That’s due to not only the shift to required remote work but also because work doesn’t happen between 8 and[...]

Switch to Cloud-Based Phone Systems and Reap These Benefits

Every business understands the importance of communication. While there are many channels in which to do this, phone systems are still the most vital. Upgrading to cloud-based phone systems can provide your company with substantial benefits. It’s time to ditch your legacy phone system and gain substantial[...]

5 Reasons to Start Using Cloud Communications Today

6 Realistic Time Management Tips for Remote Workers

You’re working on your monthly sales target report when your youngest barges into your bedroom, screaming her lungs out because the brother just took her toy. Now you have to pause working and solve the sibling rivalry. Or, you’re busy working on that urgent report, you hear your favorite song playing, so you put[...]

On-Premise Phone Systems vs. Cloud Phone Systems: Which is Best Suited for Your Business?


Cloud Voice Services for Small to Midsize Business: Features to Look For

Communication and collaboration are critical to any business. Enabling your employees to do both of these effectively requires the right tools. Function4's cloud voice services (aka VoIP or Unified Communications) platform, Elevate, provides businesses with everything they need. If you are considering switching to[...]