Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Device Management Solution

mobile device management

If your employees have been using mobile devices for work with no apparent consequences for your organization, should you still consider a mobile device management solution? The answer is yes, especially given the security vulnerabilities widespread mobile device usage can place on your business. Here's how your organization could benefit from a mobile device management strategy.

Improve Company Productivity

Your team may already be using their mobile devices for work, but without a mobile device management solution, you're not getting the full benefit. When your employees can get 24/7 access to your data without risking a security event, they're free to take care of business no matter where they happen to be working. Whether your team is in a coffee shop, at the airport, or just across the hall, a mobile device management strategy can help them make every moment more productive.

Lower Your Security Risks

Mobile device usage brings significant advantages to your business, but the benefit also carries some new risks. For example, a lost mobile phone is an inconvenience, but the risks are much higher when your company document management system comes into play. A mobile device management solution addresses security challenges by locking down devices with pass-codes and making sure employees follow company-mandated security policies. Some mobile device management solutions allow administrators to access lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised devices to wipe them of all stored information.

Lower the Risks for Your Employees

Employees may be uncomfortable mixing up work data with the personal information stored on their phone or tablet. A mobile device management solution helps keep business and personal data separate, protecting both your organization's information and that of your employees.

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