Why Your Company Needs a Mobile Device Management Solution

Mobile Device Management

Allowing your employees to use personally-owned mobile devices for work doesn't mean that you have no say in how those devices are used. If you're too hands-off, a simple mistake by an employee could give hackers access to your company's confidential data.

Here's why mobile device management and a bring your own device (BYOD) policy are two must-have solutions for the modern business.

Navigating the Dangers

You could ban mobile device usage at work to skirt around the issue of security risks, but that's not in your company's best interest. Mobility increases productivity and employee job satisfaction, and experts predict the mobile workforce will continue expanding. The solution to addressing security risks is to seek expert help in the form of mobile device management and to establish clear policies for your employees.

The Mobile Device Management Solution

A mobile device management solution gives your company the upper hand when it comes to securing both employee-owned and company-issued mobile devices. Employees will have secure access to data both while they're on the go and in the office. Mobile device management applications ensure that you maintain control of company data and your network while also giving employees control over private information stored on their mobile phones and tablets. A few essential mobile device policy steps include:

  • Whitelisting preapproved apps, thereby eliminating the problem of employees downloading risky applications.
  • Insisting on password protection keeps unauthorized persons from using unprotected mobile devices to access company data.
  • Remote data wiping can give you peace of mind in case an employee's mobile device is lost or stolen. With the ability to wipe company data from the device's contents, you'll have extra assurance that a lost phone or tablet won't put your company at risk.

If your employees are using mobile devices for work, it's time to seek help in the form of mobile device management. Contact us at Function4 to learn more today.